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"My child started taking violin lessons with Michael in the spring of 2012. Up until that point they had five different teachers and wasn’t looking forward to starting with another teacher. Their first lesson together was almost as if Michael spoke my child’s language. Up until they graduated in 2021, Michael was their Viola teacher. In 2019 I began my own string lessons with the violin with Michael. He was able to challenge me musically as well as teach me the new instrument. I currently participate in an adult orchestra at CCM in Cincinnati as a violist, Inspired by both Michael and my child!"

Karina R. violist, parent, student

"Michael Hill is a kind and enthusiastic teacher who meets students where they are and builds them to their highest potentials by helping them to gain familiarity with their learning styles and their instrument. He is dedicated to transparency and timely communication going above and beyond to achieve this in his interactions with colleagues and parents. It has been a joy to work with him for seven years."

Franzeli S. violinist,


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